Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our Hard Work

Our hard work has finally paid off in one room of our home. Not only has the paint been touched up, windows washed and carpets cleaned but we now have a new dining room table. My anal-ometer no longer skyrockets when entering this part of the house and this room even feels like home again!

Sidenote: I have a new love for bench seats and I actually grew those tulips (they are much more impressive in real life)!

I was wrong: I thought I'd have energy for this.

I haven't written in a long time because my eyelids practically need to be propped open with toothpicks by the time my head hits the pillow at 10:00. In fact, considering it's nearly the end of the week I am quite impressed with myself that I am not only awake right now but I am also quite chipper at the moment! I believe my energy is heightened because I only have one more day of work and then it's VACATION TIME!!!

I hope to get a lot finished around the house during vacation. You know, really exciting things like pressure washing, painting and laundry. I might even throw a little grocery shopping trip in there as a finale to a thrilling day! Alright, jokes aside, I really do look forward to a few simple days of hanging out with Bella and being productive around the house. Hopefully I will have ample nesting time before my sister, mom, Bella and I head to Atlanta to visit family on Wednesday. This will be Bella's first airplane experience and I pray that we make it through the trip without making enemies of the 250 other passengers on the plane!

Since I have no words of wisdom or funny remarks I will leave with a video. I never realized this is a daily occurence in Japan until today:

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Continual Amazement

I don’t have enough energy to make this post funny. I have been left speechless many times in the past 72 hours due to the state of our home and I am utterly exhausted from cleaning. Additionally, I am aware that nearly every person I complain to is thinking, “well, that’s what you get for renting out your house”. I realize this fact but I would still like to say that some individuals have nauseating living habits.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cleaning the Sty

The Gryphon Clan has officially moved twice in 4 weeks. This is not something I would recommend to ANYONE, especially someone like me who enjoys being organized.

The moment we decided to rent out our house we were aware of the risks involved. It is a known fact that people don't take as superb care of others belongings as they would their own. We accepted the reality that we would have to paint and replace the carpets at the end of the 2 year lease agreement in addition to major cleaning.
The following are things that we were NOT prepared for:

1. The family, who shall remain nameless, would pay rent late nearly every month.
2. They would file bankruptcy 9 months into their lease term which thanks to Oregon law, allowed them to live in our home rent free for an undetermined amount of time.
3. We would have to hire an attorney and take them to court.
4. We would have to invest 56 man hours into sanitizing our home prior to moving in, (this does not include the hours necessary to clean, paint, replace things, etc). I will update you on the final figure of hours spent in about 6 months. We plan for it to take that long to complete everything.
5. We would have to rent a two ton dumpster to dispose of all of the items they left behind.
6. I will add #6, #7, #8, #9, #10 and so on later after I've had more rest and can actually comprehend this entire situation.

Despite what we have been through this month and the exhaustion that has ensued, we learned many valuable lessons. I continually remind myself that this situation could of been worse. At least they moved out, at least we have possession of the house. Despite the condition of the house we are happy that we are home. It has been nearly a year since we moved out and we have missed it very much. We have our health, our family, paintbrushes, spackle, and a home depot credit card.....everything we need to make a fresh start!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Intermediate" to Giada is too advanced for me.

I cooked Chicken Tetrazinni last night. This is the recipe:

Good ole Giada on the food network classifies this recipe as "intermediate". In the end the meal was delicious but the delightful *sense the sarcasm in my word* 2 hours that I spent in the kitchen could of been better spent. In the future I will only try beginner recipes on a work night. The remnance of this meal was not just a full stomach but a ring of burnt sauce that was thankfully removed by Chris with a razor blade. What a wonderful husband he is for cleaning up after me!

I will probably try this recipe again because Chris informed me that he could sustain himself purely on this meal if he was on a deserted island. Wow! I guess I did well.

She can stand!

"Look what I can do, look what I can do".......don't you just love Stuart skits on Mad TV.

Here's Isabella's latest accomplishment:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Read the Small Print

I think this picture is one of the cutest things I’ve seen so I decided to enter it into a baby photo contest. No big deal, right? I’ve heard of these contests frequently and if your child’s photo is chosen you receive bragging rights for the following year. Sounded like fun to me.

Well, little did I know the contest was a joke. Instead of bragging rights I’m receiving 200+ spam emails a day. My inbox is busier than a one legged man playing dance dance revolution.

I still feel lucky to have captured such a sweet moment with Isabella and receiving hundreds of emails a day is worth it when I have this picture!

Book of Wisdom

The Great American Bathroom Book has graced the bathroom at my work since 1992. The cover is virtually disintegrating and most pages are stained and folded. I spray the book with Lysol to make sure that it is useable but to remove this book seems completely wrong. The Great American Bathroom Book has shared so much wisdom over the last 16 years. It is full of short stories and useless information but my ultimate favorite section is the quotes. From time to time I may share a quote with you. When you think about the quotes I share please disregard what I was doing when I initially read the words.

Quote for today:
The beauty of work depends upon the way we meet it, whether we arm ourselves each morning to attack it as an enemy that must be vanquished before night comes – or whether we open our eyes with the sunrise to welcome it as an approaching friend who will keep us delightful company.
–Lucy Larcom

If Lucy Larcom is a raving lunatic then I apologize, I have never heard of her in the past. This quote caught my eye because there are many mornings that I consider work an enemy- (no offense Rich). Because of this I think I need an attitude adjustment. There are many things I am thankful for, including my job, so now I will wake up every morning and consider leaving my child and sitting at my desk as delightful company. If any of you have succeeded at this, please give me some tips!